Are Bath Bombs Safe?

The safe answer to the question would be: “it depends”. It depends if the water in your tub is too hot and if you didn’t bother reading the label on the box before putting it in your shopping cart. But what if the names of the ingredients mentioned on the label are nowhere near your vocabulary? We got you covered. We got the list of bath bomb ingredients that are safe and unsafe. So you can know which ones you should avoid and which ones you can frequently use.

Maybe you’re here because your tween started using bath bombs, and you’re not sure what bath bombs can cause on your child’s skin or your plumbing. Both problems are costly. The internet isn’t helping since some say it’s safe while some say it’s dangerous.

For businesses to have loyal customers, business owners have to make sure they are not causing harm to their customers. So, since we’re in the business of selling bath bombs, we’re giving you all of the reasons why bath bombs are safe and unsafe.

Are Bath Bombs Safe

Always Buy Handcrafted Bath Bombs

Bath bomb handcrafters became bath bomb handcrafters because they want to continue to have luxurious baths through bath bombs without putting themselves at risk. Thankfully, these handcrafters were generous enough to make their safe organic bath bombs available to the public. They only use natural and organic natural essential oils.

They perfectly measure how much oil should be used in a mixture and which oil works perfectly with another specific oil. They can also put glitter in their bombs. However, the glitter is not made of plastic but instead of seaweed, thus, making organic glitter bath bombs safe.

Bath bombs are only safe if they’re made with natural and organic ingredients. It’s best to browse for bath bomb products from stores that never use any synthetic ingredients. These handcrafters care more about you than any of those big retail companies.

Never Buy Commercial Bath Bombs

The unsafe bath bombs are the commercial bath bombs. The Bath bombs sold by big retail companies are mostly made of substances that can cause skin irritation and other infections. They don’t care much about natural ingredients. The big companies only care about their bath bombs fizzing and releasing vibrant colors.

Before you head out to shop for bath bombs, here’s a list of bath bomb ingredients you should steer clear of. If you are really interested, we wrote a whole article about what bath bombs are made of too!

Synthetic Fragrances

It’s ominous if you only see “fragrances” on the label. Other than the usual sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, if you only see “fragrances” on there and there’s nothing that explains what exactly comes with those “fragrances”, you better put the box back on the shelf. Here’s a list of chemicals that are maybe in the “fragrance oil blend” in commercial bath bombs.

Benzene Derivatives

This chemical has human carcinogens. It means it can cause cancer due to hormone disruption. It can also lead to malformations in the reproductive tract. For pregnant women, it’s best to stay away from commercial bath bombs. Instead, you can use opulent oils, but not before consulting your healthcare provider.


When your skin absorbs too much of this substance, there’s a chance that you’d be more prone to these diseases:

  • Respiratory Allergies
  • Liver Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Sclerosing Peritonitis
  • Cerebral Ischemia or Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Other aging-associated diseases

This also interferes with the normal growth of the fetus. Not only that, it also interferes with the homeostasis, development, and differentiation of the fetus. If you’re pregnant and just looking into the moisturizing effect of bath bombs, you can use luxurious lotions instead.


Just like the benzene derivatives, this substance is linked to cancer, as well. It’s linked, as well, to obesity and ovarian aging. Couples trying to have a baby should stay away from bath bombs that are not with organic fragrances. They might have trouble conceiving since this substance decreases hormone levels and lowers the sperm count.

Artificial Dyes

The bath art you marvel at in your tub may cause a long list of adverse health effects. Dyes can trigger allergies, ADHD in children and have been linked to neuron damage and even brain cancer.

Some dyes are extracted from petroleum, and petroleum is known to cause cancer.


If you don’t want to be at high risk of getting ovarian cancer, you should probably avoid using bath bombs with talc in them. Talc is not a common ingredient in bath bombs, but some famous brands have bath products similar to bath bombs with talc in them.


Parabens are used as preservatives in products. According to British scientist Philippa Darbre’s research, traces of parabens were found in breast tumors. This means constant use of products with parabens in them can lead to breast cancer. This substance can also cause allergic reactions.


After a luxurious soak in your tub, the glitter that your bath bomb dispensed will go to the sewers and may end up in oceans. If it’s not safe for the ocean, then it’s not safe for us since the ocean is our food supply.

safe homemade bath bombs

What If The Label Doesn’t Mention Anything Specific On the Ingredients?

If the label on your bath bombs doesn’t say anything specific about the ingredients, you can do a skin test on your own. For people who have sensitive skin and don’t want to risk skin problems, start rubbing your bath bombs on the inner part of your arm, and if an allergic reaction happens within 48 hours, you need to throw your bath bombs in the garbage right away.

A Good Hot Bath Won’t Be Good If You Use Bath Bombs

Although you might need the water to be super-hot for your skin to absorb the moisturizing effects of your bath bomb better, this may not be a great idea. Water at high temperatures can leave your skin feeling dried out and strip your skin of its characteristic oils. It’s safe to fill your tub with lukewarm water.

Stop exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals found in commercial bath bombs, and start using natural and organic bath bombs from our Bomb Cosmetics collection. We have listed the specific essential oils we mixed in every bath bomb we made, leaving you with zero doubts that everything we produce are non-toxic products.