How Our Skin Benefits from Bath Bombs

Don’t you just love a good soaking bath? A long, warm bath can be just the thing to relax your muscles and stress away your troubles. But sometimes, you might want to up the ante a little bit and add some bubbles, soothing music, or another nice treat to your bath. Maybe you want to add some color to your bathwater or simply enjoy the show as it bubbles away. In any case, a bath bomb is a fun way to spice up your bath and enjoy many wonderful benefits at the same time.

These little guys—made up of fizzling acid, soothing oils, and gorgeous glitter—are guaranteed to enrich your bathing experience. And though they might seem like a gimmick, trust us, they’re worth every penny and are truly one of the best investments you can make in yourself. So, why not give them a try? Still not convinced? Well, we’ve got four key benefits of a bath bomb that will make you a believer.

1) Bath Bombs Are Good for Your Skin

Loaded with emollients, essential oils, and luxurious moisturizers, bath bombs can be great for your skin. The fizzing action can help exfoliate dead skin cells away while you soak—and who doesn’t want that? Even if they’re not an especially harsh scrubber, they’ll still buff your skin into smooth perfection. You’ll leave feeling soft and supple (but not stripped dry) after a nice relaxing bath; it’s hard to beat that kind of quality time! Keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin or an ongoing health condition like eczema or psoriasis, you should do some research on different brands before using them to make sure they’re safe for your needs. The best way to know for sure is to ask your doctor or try one out on a small patch of skin first—that way, you’ll know whether it’s something that will work well for you.

2) Bath Bombs Are All Natural and Vegan Friendly

Do you like to keep your skincare routine as natural and vegan friendly as possible? Most bath bombs are completely natural, with ingredients that you can identify on their ingredient lists. That way, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fillers or harmful chemicals in your bath bomb—and you know that it’s truly working for your needs! Many even include essential oils, which are known for their soothing properties and ability to remove toxins from our skin. The only catch is that some contain honey (which isn’t vegan-friendly), so if that’s something you’re particularly concerned about, make sure to check each one before making a purchase.

3) Bath Bombs Create an Atmosphere of FUN

That’s right—bath bombs can actually help to create an atmosphere around you, which is great for boosting your mood. Some bath bombs contain glitter that floats on top of your water and adds a fun, celebratory air to your bath. Others make it seem like fireworks are going off in your tub as they fizz away. Sure, it might seem silly—but if you want to get into a happy headspace before or after a big date, presentation or meeting, adding in some bubbles and glitter can definitely help! It’s kind of like aromatherapy for your senses. So when you’re feeling down and out, try adding in some happy bath bombs to perk yourself up!

4) Bath Bombs Have Healing Properties

From sodium bicarbonate to citric acid and Epsom salt, bath bombs have plenty of natural healing ingredients that can be great for your body. For example, when you take an Epsom salt bath, it helps relieve sore muscles by drawing out toxins through your skin. You can also use them to help treat psoriasis and eczema—by using soaks to ease inflamed skin or exfoliating treatments like sugar scrubs that slough off dead cells, you’ll experience better overall health as well. If you’re tired of feeling run down, soak in some warm water with a bath bomb to boost your immune system!