Keep Your Skin Naturally Healthy and Safe All Summer Long

Keep Your Skin Naturally Healthy and Safe All Summer Long

As the summer reaches a crescendo and your fake tan has sufficiently stained your sheets and your skin is peeling in spots you didn’t realize were exposed to the sun, you might be looking for some more natural summertime skin care solutions. Your skin takes a beating not only with the intensity of the sun, but also the added heat, humidity, and overall summertime lifestyle (like sipping on that third margarita by the pool). 

It’s not too late to treat your skin like you would craft your famous potato salad at the neighborhood barbecue—with care, the best ingredients, and an attempt to make it better than anyone else’s. Well…something like that. Skinfully Rich has some unique summertime skincare tips aimed to keep your skin safe, healthy, and natural all summer long.  

What exactly is Zinc Oxide Sunscreen and why am I just hearing about it?

Naturally reflective, Zinc Oxide makes for the best natural broad spectrum sunscreen, meaning  it protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are those that find their way deep into your skin, and cause issues such as wrinkling, aging, and skin damage. Think of leathery, tanned skin. We’ve all seen it. UVB rays are more surface-level and cause the dreaded sunburn that we like to push our fingers on and see the actual color of our skin underneath our now lobster shell. Both types of UV rays also cause cancer, which everyone understands the importance of preventing. Skinfully Rich offers The Naked Bee Zinc SPF 30 Sunscreen to give you chemical-free sun protection. Bonus: you don’t have to wait 20 minutes before getting in the water! Zinc Oxide Sunscreen works as soon as you put it on. 

Your Dead Skin Is Showing. No, Seriously. Get That Off. 

Spending hours in the water not only gives your fingertips that dried prune texture, it leaves your whole body feeling like some kind of undesirable fruit. Constant exposure to water and then exposed to the sun depletes the natural oils on your skin. On top of the dead skin that naturally occurs every day, your skin will be begging for some relief. Exfoliating with one of Skinfully Rich’s Sumptuous Salt Scrubs will rid you of that dead skin and leave you feeling ready for another day. 

Spice Up Your Moisturizer!

Whether it’s a sunburn causing dry patches on your face or arms, or the water sucking all the moisture from your skin, a change of season calls for a change in how you moisturize. Just like getting that impulsive summertime haircut (but maybe minus the regret), using products like BioRepublic SkinCare’s Revitalizing Face Masks is a fun way to try something new while giving your skin what it needs. If you do get a sunburn, pair the Aloe Rescue Revitalizing Sheet Mask and CBD Hemp Hydrate Moisturizer from Skinfully Rich to soothe that burn and take in the anti-inflammatory and hydrating Vitamin E from the all natural CBD hemp oil extract. 

 What do you mean I need to drink that much water?!

I know, I know. We’ve all heard it. Drink more water. Gallons of it, stat! But it truly is the ultimate natural skincare solution. It keeps your skin plump and looking bright. And being out in the sun during these hot months, that pesky H2O keeps your insides functioning like they should be so you can party hard on your yacht (or just get to your car without overheating). Even better, join that reusable bottle club everyone is talking about and always carry one with you to refill wherever you go. That’s it, water rant done. Now take a drink, and care for your skin naturally this summer. 

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