5 Reasons to Wear Your Body Lotion Every Day

Wearing your body lotion every day? Who’s got time for that? I know! I’m right there with you. In fact, I probably don’t wear enough body lotion every day. I’m all about convenience, and lotions often with their greasy, heavy feeling make me think, “Why not skip it today?” But then I wake up with a million spots and itchy skin that’s not even from a sunburn. Well, my sweet friend(s), body lotion with their hydrating and conditioning ingredients and fragrance-free formulas are a must-wear. They help keep your skin feeling soft and looking beautiful—all day long. And if you are still on the fence wondering if you should start wearing your lotion every day, here are five reasons why you should give it a try.

1) It Protects

When winter rolls around, and temperatures drop, your skin can take a beating. Chapping, cracking, and flaking are all too common. But when you wear your body lotion every day (and always), you help keep water in your skin where it belongs to give it a strong barrier against harsh weather. Adding even more moisture with an extra-hydrating body lotion will help keep cracks at bay and keep dry skin from turning into irritated, painfully dry skin.

You can also choose to invest in quality lotions, essentially with lemon or sunflower oil, cocoa butter, or Shea butter as integral ingredients that will provide soothing nourishment to your skin and make it feel wonderful. Don’t be fooled by some of those cheap lotions whose main purpose is just how much alcohol is added – those ones don’t really hydrate! And whatever you do, don’t skip out on applying at least one layer of sunscreen—sun damage is cumulative, so each minute without protection adds up quickly. Luckily there are tons of moisturizers with SPF 15+ protection if you’re not yet ready for using both together!

2) It’s Easy & Convenient

Are you busy? I know I am! A big hurdle for me about wearing my body lotion every day has been pure time management. But there are a ton of brands that make easy-to-use products so your hands can get down to business even if your schedule is swamped. With just a few squeezes, it goes on without having to rub in like crazy and burn a hole in your day with additional chores!

Plus, who really has time to massage in moisture into their skin when they’re running out the door trying to get their kids ready or rushing off to work? Body lotions often have a great slip that penetrates fast and doesn’t leave a residue, so you can keep moving no matter how hectic your day gets.

3) You’ll Prevent Irritation

Even people with sensitive skin need protection from irritation—that’s where irritation-free formulas come in handy. With natural ingredients like Chamomile, Red Raspberry, and Lavender, among others, these products calm your skin while you condition it at the same time. Fragrance-free versions are great for people that react to scents as well or want to prevent rashes.

So, if you’re worried about ingredients causing a reaction but still want to wear your body lotion every day, then look for a formula that says fragrance-free or hypoallergenic.

4) Body Lotion Helps Soften & Hydrate

Whether your skin is naturally dry or you’re experiencing a bit of dehydration from weather changes, wearing your body lotion every day will help keep it feeling soft and hydrated. With added Shea butter and other hydrating ingredients like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and more, you’ll get an extra layer of comfort all throughout winter.

I know that my hands tend to get extremely dry when I’m home during a cold season, but my legs might be in heaven at that point! It’s important to treat all parts of your body with lotion, so you don’t end up with one area that feels great and another side that’s still itching.

5) It Reduces Chapping & Peeling

Did you know that your skin heals seven times faster when you wear your body lotion every day? That’s right! By keeping a consistent barrier against environmental factors like cold weather, wind, and UV rays, you’ll prevent damage to new skin cells that have a harder time growing if your dead cells are exposed. I hate those white splotches on my hands during fall because they never seem to go away with traditional lotions. But by wearing my body lotion every day in winter, I can keep from getting them!

The cool thing is that as spring rolls around, I don’t get as much chapping or peeling because my skin has adjusted to retain more moisture in order for it to stay healthy throughout winter’s freezing temperatures. If you’re worried about being left with dry patches after your winter regimen wears off, don’t be!


Hopefully, now you can see that it’s worth wearing your body lotion every day! It’s much easier than it sounds. And even if you don’t believe me yet, remember what your mom used to say when you didn’t want to wear your coat to school? Don’t let any part of you get cold!