What Are Bath Bombs Used For?

Bath bombs don’t just transform your tub water into bath art. They do more than making your bath time exciting from how it fizzes in the water and explodes into mesmerizing colors. These spherical soothing bath products do wonders for your mind and body.

The base ingredients that make bath bombs create that exciting fizzy effect are sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. The ingredients that transform your home’s bath into a luxurious spa are the natural essentials oils and colorants.


Using Bath Bombs As An Escape From Everything That Makes Life Suck

Many things go through our minds that do not help us handle life’s everyday course and surprises blissfully. The stress you get from work, maintaining your home, or disciplining your kids can be alleviated just by settling in for a good soak. Physical pain can also cause stress. Add all those up, and your life can pretty much suck.

There are many ways to manage everyday stress and temporary or chronic physical pain. Taking a good bath is one of the ways of dealing with those problems. When you use bath bombs, you can take the best bath you will ever experience just by throwing a bath bomb in your tub.

Bath bombs blended with natural essential oils can alleviate muscle pain, too. This can be that bath product that lets you finally get that energy you need for you to do the things you want for yourself or your family.

When Your Bath Bombs Dissolve, Your Worries Can, Too

Nobody just throws a bath bomb into the tub and turns their back on it. Every person who uses bath bombs—new and frequent users—knows the fun they’ll get just from watching how the ball slowly dissolves, the vibrant colors start to spread, the water shines with glitter, and how the sweet scent covers the room.

For some people, the definition of a good bath bomb is the one that fizzes really well. That strong fizz is what they consider the exciting part of “bombing” their tub water. If you’re planning on buying bath bombs in bulk, make sure you don’t throw the box they come in. Make sure you keep them in the box, so your bath bombs can still give a good fizz after leaving them for weeks.

You can use bath bombs to have fun, and fun creates “eustress”. It’s the positive stress that makes life don’t suck to the point that we finally get motivated enough to work toward our goals. I guess it’s safe to say that bath bombs will not just improve our bath experience but the quality of our lives, as well.

Using Bath Bombs As A Parenting Technique?

Okay, maybe it’s a stretch to say that parents can use bath bombs as a parenting technique, but your bath bomb can eliminate the trouble of having to chase down your kids whenever you tell them that it’s bath time. Bath bombs can make your toddlers love bath time. The bubble, hiss, and foam action in your tub will make them scream in delight, and the colors and the glitters in the water can make them want to dive in the water right away.

There are bath bombs with a toy inside them, making your kid love bath time even more. If you want something that moisturizes your children’s skin, you’d want to choose a trusted bath bomb supplier that uses ingredients that are safe for your kid’s sensitive skin.

Bath Bombs “Bombs” The Stress Out of Your System

Settling in for a good soak is an excellent way to start and end your day. Bath bombs help you fight any stressors you’ll encounter as you go through your day and get rid of stress after a hard day’s work. You can set your mind in a relaxed state by breathing in the ambrosial scents that envelop your bathroom.

There’s a long list of natural essential oils that give off the scent that you’re in a mood for. You can indulge your olfactory senses with all kinds of aromas. You can free yourself from stress with a sweet scent, or maybe a spicy yet gentle scent.

Bath Bombs Nourishes Your Skin, And Healthy Skin Matters

Marinating yourself in a tub full of natural essential oils dispensed by a bath bomb will give you healthier, smoother skin. Most consumers still buy bath products that are made up of synthetic cosmetics. Bath bombs, however, are made up of substance-free ingredients. This means your skin won’t get any negative effects from soaking in multi-colored water.

Some bath bombs are mixed with bath salts, too. Some salts rejuvenate your skin and keep it soft. There are also bath salts that fight skin irritation like acne and rashes. With the right mix of the right kind of salt, your bath bomb can help you fight ageing, too. It helps prevent premature aging and can even lower your blood pressure naturally.

The base ingredients that were mentioned early on can nourish your skin by themselves or without any help from the essential oils. If you want to saturate your skin more, it’s better if you choose bath bombs with green tea or soil and other skin-nourishing essential oils.


The scent from bathing in “bombed” tub water will stay with you all day. So, if you want to impress your clients or business partners or maybe you have a crush on someone, there’s a wide range of scents that you can choose to have in your bath bomb.

Use Bath Bombs To Relieve Pain

Soaking your body in a “bath-bombed” tub can help you deal with chronic or temporary pain, too. Your bath bomb can do wonders for your body. It can reduce inflammation, alleviate feelings of tension and muscle discomfort, and relax muscle spasms.

Use Bath Bombs To Improve Sleep

Lavender is known for improving sleep quality. There are bath bombs that have lavender infused in them, too. Your soak in lavender-infused water can calm your nerves, and help you prepare for your day tomorrow by giving you better sleep.

You can transform your basic everyday-bath into a full-fledged spa appointment by purchasing our bath bombs from our Bomb Cosmetics collection. Use bath bombs to not just color your tub water, but also add color to your life, your family, and friends lives. Give them a great surprise by giving bath bombs as gifts, so they can experience that amazing experience you had just by spending hours soaked in colorful and nourishing tub water.