What Is French Milled Soap?

Different people have different needs or different types of skin, but what makes French Milled Soaps ideal for everyone? Does its name alone make it luxurious? Obviously, there is much more about this luxurious French Milled soap that makes most people, who care that much about what they put on their skin, consider this soap worthy of their money even with its hefty price.

The French Milled Soap costs a lot more than any ordinary soap at your local grocery. Yet, somehow, some are still willing to pay the difference. You might think that they’re just splurging on luxury soaps. What you don’t know is that they’re actually spending on soaps that lets them save money, and take better care of themselves.

French Milled Soap

What Makes French Milled Soap… Well, French?

Obviously, French Milled Soaps are made in France… but what exactly did the French soap makers do that made their soaps the gold standard in soap-making? French soap makers in the 18th came up with the process of making soap through milling. They mill the soaps three times to perfection, which is why French Milled Soaps are also called Triple Milled Soaps.

The name speaks for itself; the soap is milled three times, so all of its natural ingredients are fused perfectly. The soap base is made with fat—vegetable or animal fat. However, most consumers and soap-makers prefer to have their soaps made with vegetable fat or oil. Once the mixture is done and turned into blocks, they then shred the soap into paper-thin pieces. Before they dry the shredded soap, they make sure that the texture is smooth, so it would easily dissolve in the water.

Next, soap makers would need to dry the shredded soap perfectly. When crystals are formed from the drying process, the soap makers mix it with natural oils and essential oils, making the soap even more aromatic.

Now, the next step is where the magic begins. The aromatic concoction is then milled or passed through the high-pressure steam rollers three times. The process crushes the mixture into smaller particles making all of the ingredients incorporate better. This also removes the air and all excess water. If soap makers do the milling process the wrong way and remove too much water, the soap would fall apart. This detail in the process makes soap-making an art.

Why French Milled Soaps Are Better In Many Ways

Its aroma isn’t the only reason why people continue to buy French Milled Soaps and ignore its price. The amazing feeling people get when they rub French Milled Soaps on their skin isn’t the only reason why they’ve turned their back on regular soaps. These soaps made them live healthier lives and have the opportunity to save more money.

Colorful French Milled Soap Bars

Natural Ingredients Means You’re Less Prone To Allergies

Your regular store-bought soaps can contain a lot of allergens. Ordinary soaps contain toxins—detergents—that could lead to allergic contact dermatitis. You should be careful about choosing what natural soap you should use, though. Some may be allergic to the fragrance which some French Milled Soaps have. Don’t worry, though. There are French soaps that are unscented yet are still perfect for delicate skin.

It Does More Good To Your Body Compared To Regular Soaps

French Milled Soaps don’t just reduce your chances of getting allergies, it reduces your chances, too, from having serious illnesses like cancer. If you’re using antibacterial liquid soaps, you’re rubbing methylisothiazolinone, triclosan, and sodium laureth sulphate on your skin. You’re also putting various parabens, ureas, and petrochemicals on your body.

Triclosan, the most common ingredient, is a potential endocrine disruptor chemical or EDC. An EDC can interfere with how our hormones work. When EDC interferes, it can lead to cancerous tumors and pregnancy problems.

It’s always best to go natural on anything that we put in our bodies. French Milled Soaps are made with natural ingredients, and some are fragrance-free for people who are allergic to perfumes.

It's Milder Than Ordinary Soaps

With how the milling process makes its texture finer, your French Milled Soap is gentler to your skin compared to other ordinary soaps. Your French soap cleanses your skin thoroughly without stripping your skin’s natural nutrients. This makes your skin healthier and younger-looking. Also, it reduces your chances of getting psoriasis and eczema.

You’ll Pay More, But You’ll Save More

Sure, you can save a lot by buying a box of twelve ordinary soaps for $5.67 compared to buying a single French Milled Soap for $6.50. However, ordinary soaps get soggy and melt easily, which would only last a few weeks. French Milled Soaps, since these were compressed more due to the milling process, could last you months—some French soap users say it lasted them for eight months!

You Can Save The Environment Right In Your Bathroom

Ordinary soaps have perfumes and artificial preservatives mixed in them. These toxins end up in sewers, eventually leading to contamination in rivers, the ocean, and groundwater. Your ordinary soap will damage aquatic life. With how aquatic life affects all aspects of our lives—from the weather, our health, and our food—we are better off using French Milled soaps.

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