The Bomb (Cosmetics) Dot Com—Why You Should Know About Bomb Cosmetics

What if I told you that you don’t need a degree in “Influencer” to find a natural self-care small business that makes you feel like you should start your day by briefing thousands of followers on your morning routine? Enter Bomb Cosmetics.

These days, everything feels complicated. You want to take care of your mind and body, and suddenly you’re ten tabs deep in quizzes on your skin type and whether or not you should be using acid-based serum. Fast forward, and you’re watching a fourteen-year-old tell you how to relax in a 30-minute video.

Here’s the truth—it can be easier.

Everything Essential, Nothing Extra

Bomb Cosmetics at Skinfully Rich isn’t just a more natural, simple line of bath and shower products that you can feel better about using. It’s also like ordering a kid’s meal and not having to share with any kids: indulgent, nostalgic, and frankly, more fun than ordering from the ‘adult’ menu. Lean in to your inner kid with unique colors and designs, while actually benefiting from the essential oils and moisturizers your adult skin and body crave.

All I Want for Christmas

Underneath all the playful designs and names (looking at you, All I Want for Christmas is U-nicorn), Bomb Cosmetics is focused on a cleaner process and product. Never testing on animals, utilizing essential oils, being eco-minded, and hand-crafting their products are the promises Bomb Cosmetics makes for everything in their line. Paraben and preservative-free for a fresh experience, essential oils for an enhanced mood, and butters like shea and cocoa to soothe and soften the skin…it all seems like an easy choice over the self-care products sitting on the shelves for months on end, made for the market and not the consumer. Skinfully Rich is one of few retailers in the US offering bath blasters, bath mallows, lip scrub, hand-piped candles, and gift packs from the UK-based self-care small business. So this is basically the next best thing to traveling to the UK, and walking on cobblestone streets, and just stopping in a little shop to get something to treat yourself. I think that calls for a ‘Cheers, mate!’.

Splish Splash I was Takin’ a Oh, my God, Who Knew Baths Could Feel This Good?

If you’ve never tried to craft a bath fizzy before and think it’s easy, I am here to tell you it’s not. Cue montage of a messy kitchen table, a cracked plastic ball, and a crumbling final product here. Spare your frustration with Bomb Cosmetic’s Bath Blasters. Hand-crafted (by someone who knows what they’re doing), packed with essential oils (can you say aromatherapy all up in your bathroom?), paraben and preservative-free (unlike literally everything), and some even including natural butters (so you can slide straight from tub to bed), Bath Blasters will become your new bath obsession. Watch them fizz, and send the video to everyone you know. Trust me, people love watching Bath Blasters go to work.

Searching for more butter for your buck? Bath Mallows will leave you so moisturized after they melt in your bath that you’ll be looking airbrushed and ready for that photoshoot you have planned. Oh, you remember. The one in your unmade bed with Netflix on in the background. No? Well, at the very least you can fall asleep watching true crime documentaries knowing shea and cocoa butter are working together to keep skin clear and prevent wrinkles and lines. Able to use up to SIX times, Bath Mallows are the relaxing addition you need.

So Much More!

Skinfully Rich also has Bomb Cosmetic Lip Scrub, Hand-Piped Candles, and Gift Packs for the whole boomin’ experience. Lip Scrubs exfoliate and buff away all the chapped skin so you don’t have to keep reapplying balm every five minutes. In a world where putting anything near our mouths when we’re out is highly discouraged, you could say a lip scrub is almost life-saving! ;)  Essential oils are the star to Bomb Cosmetic’s Hand-Piped Candles, intended to alter your mood with aromatherapy from the first lick of flame on wax. There’s never been a better time to lean in to your candle-hoarding tendencies than right now. Burn different scents throughout the day to make a memory out of simply working from home!

Bomb Cosmetics Yet Another Product from Skinfully Rich That Ticks All the Boxes. Feel Good About Your Self-Care, and Your Skin and Body Will Love You!

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